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Get A Feel For What Our Retreats Are Like


Check out the Gallery Below along with Feedback from past attendees. For more info, please give us a call or email. We're happy to chat with you! ​

Next workshop 10/26/2024

Next retreat 4/11 - 4/13/2025


The retreat brought peace, relaxation, and joy! It was great to meet new people and have a deeper dive into yourself.

Highlights for me: Great people, fun activities, private healing sessions.

I came to the retreat with no expectations, feeling like I was walking through concrete. I left with knowledge of my spiritual self and an understanding on how to improve in order to be living my best life. 

Highlights for me:  The amount of knowledge taught to us and in a way that we could understand at a novice level. 


Jennifer and Ashley did a great job putting this together. The food was fabulous, the people were great, and we learned so much and had a great time. I was able to learn how to connect with myself and learn how to let go of things that don't serve me. 

Highlights for me: Chakra learning, Sound baths, Meditation, Yoga.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning what so much of my life has been but I never realized the connection.

Highlights for me: The secluded, relaxing atmosphere. And I loved learning about Chakras.


I have learned so much and I am looking to begin evolving to a higher frequency!

Highlights for me: Tibetan Singing Bowl Bath, Guided Meditation.

I left this retreat with a renewed sense of purpose and a remembrance of what is important to me. I am letting go of thought patterns that no longer serve me.

Highlights for me: Learning the sun salutations with shells, the MFR (myofascial release) Guided meditation, Learning about Chakras


Jennifer and Ashley, along with guest practitioners, led and offered a wonderful, calming, meaningful and relaxing retreat. I gained from and greatly valued it. The location was amazing and exemplary. 

Highlights for me: Sound Bath Sessions, Meditation, Yoga, Chants/Mantra, 

The RRR Retreat was exactly right for me. It provided introspection, growth and a renewed sense of self. 

Highlights for me:  I loved it all!


I am leaving this retreat with a sense of peace, relaxation, and renewed awareness. The material and activities exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Mindful Body With Soul (Jennifer Merritts) and her retreats to others.

Highlights for me: Nature, hot tub, yoga, meditation, venue.

Meals were delicious.

Guest speakers were engaging and interesting.

Retreat leader (Jennifer) and assistant (Ashley) - amazing, enthusiastic, made me feel comfortable. 

Cost of the experience was a good value. 

I highly recommend though I may prefer shorter retreats in future.


Highlights for me: Private sessions, massage, MFR, our vibrations dance. 


A few reasons I loved this retreat.

Leader and assistant were great, and the group was wonderful! 

The activities were well planned and executed wonderfully which allowed the group to sail off into their spiritual experience. 

Highlights for me: I enjoyed everything from my bed to the activities, to the food. When are you doing a destination retreat?!

Great! Great! Great! I highly recommend. Got more out of this retreat than any others I have gone on. It had more "meat" . You can tell Jennifer knows her stuff. 

Highlights for me: Learning, and a clean, comfortable location. 


I attended a spiritual awareness workshop led by Jennifer and it was so good for my mind and soul. . The workshop provided a journey into self, She wanted us to understand ourselves from a higher perspective and I feel that is exactly what happened. 

I left the workshop feeling more centered, aware, and spiritually connected. I am grateful I found Jennifer's workshops and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking self-growth. My next step is to go on a retreat!

down dog.JPG

Great experience! Everything I want in a workshop when I am focused on self-care. Mediation, sound  bath, yin yoga, interesting talks, and people I totally vibed with. 

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